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With the TouristCare Health Plan, you can enjoy your stay at ease, with the comfort of all the support you need if you have an unforeseen problem with your health! We are where you need us whether you are working or on holiday!

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Services Included

Your Health Plan guarantees Emergency Appointments from 50€ at the best private medical units. Just download the app (available soon), indicate where you are and you will be informed of the nearest Permanent Client Service.
You can request this service whenever and wherever you need it, 24h a day;
• Transport by Ambulance to the Public Hospital Free of Charge in cases of Emergency, if validated by the doctor after the Home Medical Visit.
If you need to make an appointment, have a test, undergo surgery or be admitted to hospital while you are in Portugal, you can enjoy reduced prices at the Clinics and Hospitals of our Medical Network.
Allows you to profit from 31 free treatments in the Dental Network and pay preferred prices for the remaining treatments.
The TOURISTCARE Health Plan allows you to make a booking for all of your appointments, Tests, Treatments, Surgeries and Hospital Admissions through the Helpline Service at +351 210 402 426 (call to portuguese national landline), working days from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. We have a team which is always ready to help.

This information does not exempt the consultation of the pre-contractual and contractual information legally required.

This product is not an insurance.

Example of Medical Treatments at Reference Prices

The prices listed below are minimum indications. To consult the prices of medical treatments, consult the Client Helpline at +351 210 402 426 (call to portuguese national landline), or phone the Service Provider directly

Phone the Doctor from wherever you are 70€ - 130€ (it depends on the location)
Specialist appointment 30€*
Pediatric appointment 35€*
Emergency appointment 50€**
Speech Therapy 20€
Electrocardiogram 10€
Echocardiogram 60€
Audiogram 22€
Timpanogram 22€
Upper Endoscopy 60€
Total Colonoscopy 110€
Colposcopy 40€
Spirometry 20€
Obstetric Ultrasound 32€
Gynacological Ultrasound 30€
Breast Ultrasound 30€
Renal Ultrasound 30€
Soft Tissue Ultrasound 35€
Mammography - 4 views, 2 on each side 40€
Chest X-ray - Lungs and Heart 1 view 10,50€
Knee X-ray - 2 views 10€
Colour Echo-Doppler "Triplex Scan" 100€
CT scan – Computerized Axial Tomography 95€
MRI Scan (Magnetic Ressonance) 200€
Dental Appointment free of charge
Emergency Appointment free of charge
Appointment for Reassessment and/or Check Up free of charge
Fixed Braces from 170€

* With some exceptions for the prices of Specialist and Pediatric appointments (up to a max.of of 37,5€ and 42,5€ respectively).

**Reference Price for screening at emergency appointments. Other medical treatments will be charged individually. Different prices are applied at the CUF Hospitals and Lusiadas Medical Units.

Important: To consult the price of medical treatments contact the Client Helpline at +351 210 402 426 (call to portuguese national landline) or phone the Service Provider directly.

Document for Download

TouristCare Health Plan TouristCare Health Plan Description  pdf icon
General Conditions Contract for the Provision of Medical Services and respective terms of use. pdf icon
Dental Treatment Network Doctors and Clinics List. pdf icon

This product is not an Heath Insurance.
This information does not exempt the consultation of the General Conditions

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